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  • Hong Kong Crystal - We've Got You Covered!

    Hong Kong X'tals Limited is a leading manufacturer of high precision quartz crystal, oscillators, 32.768KHz tuning forks, TCXO, OCXOs.   We've got you covered!  Automotive Cluster /BCM / Bluetooth General Internet of Things (IOT) / Remote Control /  RF Transceiver/ RKE / Set-top Box / SoC/MCU / Telecommunication / TPMS / WiFi             
    Contact us at Phoenix Components, your Florida Reps: /
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  • Phoenix Components LLC

    Advanced Input Systems
    (formerly Esterline Interface Technologies)

    Design & Manufacture of User Input Technology, Control Panels, Keyboards, Membrane Overlay, Light Key, Duraswitch, Touch Screen - ISO 9001:2000/ ITAR

    Fabrication: Plastics/ Metal/ Cable Assemblies/ Tooling / Engineering /  ISO 9001/ ISO 14001/ TS16949

    Electronic Film Capacitors, Inc. (EFC)/ 203-755-5629


    Metalized, Foil and X & Y Caps, DC Link Capacitos, RC Networks, Snubber and IGBT Caps. / ISO 9001: 2008


    Temperature Sensors / PTC & NTC Thermistors / Resistance Temperature Detectors / Thermistor & RTD Probe Assemblies
    Flexxon 321-723-4414

    Industrial NAND Flash Storage & Memory Solutions:  Industrial, Medical and Automotive Products


    High-quality acoustic and sound components for electronic devices.  Transducers / Buzzers / Piezo / Microphone / Receiver / Speakers / Ultrasonic Sensors

                                                       HKC 321-723-4414

    Precision & High Frequency Crystal/Oscillator Products: Vertically Integrated/ Automotive/ Inudstrial/ Commercial /  ISO TS16949:2002
                             King Cord
    Manufacturer/distributor of A/C power cords: IT / office equipment / home appliances / lighting applications / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / RoHS
    National Power Corporation 773-685-2662
    Standard & Custom Battery Assemblies, Chargers, Accessories / All Chemestries/ ISO 9001/ ISO 13485
      PFC Flexible Circuits Limited
    Design and Assembly Services, Single-Sided thru Multi-Layer, Flex & Rigid Flex / Full Box Build / Quick-Turn Prototypes / ISO 9001/ ISO 13485/ ITAR
    Precision Resistive Products, Inc. (PRP) 319-394-9131
    Precision Resistors, Leaded & S.M: Metal Film, Power, Wire Wound, Metal Glaze, HV, V-dividers, Anti-Sulfurated, Audio, Precision Chip Resistor Array, Custom and Pre-Engineered
        Renco Electronics 321-637-1000

    Design and Manufacture of Chokes, Inductors (SMD and Chassis Mount), Toroids,Transformers, and Current Sensors / ISO 9001:2008 / ITAR


    SMD LEDs, LED Lamps, SMD & Through-Hole LED Displays, Ultra Bright LEDs, CBI LEDs, Infrared & Phototransistors / TS16949 /ISO 9001/ ISO 14001

    Tocos America  847-884-6664 
    Non-Contact Angular Sensor, Panel Controls, Encoders, Position Sensor, Trimmers & Potentiometers /ISO 9001:2000/ ISO 4001:2004